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For sale:

🔸 Hidden Treasure Dadero 
🔸 Johnson x Mister Concorde 
🔸 ZZ-Zwaar (advanced, 5th level)
🔸 11 years old mare

The perfect horse for the Children, Juniors or an adult. Very easy (tempi) changes!

Hidden has had 3 foals in the past and was mainly ridden recreationally. She has been in my ownership for 3 and a half years now.
She is 1.60m high and is mighty. The rider on the photos is 1.76m.  

At the time, we first started at L 1st level with scores above 70% and several 9's. Then we immediately made the transition to the Z1 3rd level where we were selected for the regional and Dutch national championships. After this we made our Z2 junior debut. She currently has scores of 65/66% in the ZZL 4th level and is classified ZZ-Zwaar 5th level.

It’s a mare who really loves to work for an honest rider. 

For more information and a video, please contact via WhatsApp, +31 6 49809257


Vader Johnson
Stb Preferent Grand Prix olympic games
Vader van vader Jazz
v.v.v. Cocktail
Moeder van vader
v.m.v. Flemmingh
Vader van moeder Mister Concorde B.J.
Moeder van moeder