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There is quite a lot to tell about this NRPS approved son of Diamond Hit! Because we had already seen a few youngsters of his dam that we were very enthusiastic about, we also wanted such a talent in the stable, so I contacted the owner of Cadeaurijke and that's how we ended up with Den Hout. But we weren't the only ones who noticed those offspring that were kept at Gertjan van Olst's stables and Gertjan also had interests for Den Hout. So he soon moved, was presented to the NRPS and approved with very nice marks (80 points).What also stood out during the performance was the will to please and workability of Den Hout. And that is also his pitfall! Den Hout knows that he is a stallion and yet you can put him in the stable between the mares. He goes outside with the other horses, he is actually super easy with everything and you can shoot a cannon near him! He is also very easy under saddle in the sense that he learns easily and has a very handy body. But that also means you have to protect him from himself. And that's where things went a bit wrong. Den Hout is now feeling happy again and likes the work again. He knows a lot and is simple to ride but at the same time very complex. He makes changes with 3 fingers in his nose, but if you ride them deliberate, he wants to do his best and make them so big that he gets stressed out. Likewise with legyield, he can suddenly go sideways very quickly, because he thinks that he does it extra well. If you stop him, he gets confused. So it's a bit complicated there. Nevertheless with the right rider an absolute future and better Grand Prix horse!There are already a series of sport horses from this dam line. His half-brother Ignado-Rijk is now doing the Light Tour. In the direct dam line we also see the Grand Prix horse Apart, the Small Tour horses Swing Time II, Upendor-Rijk, Oronijke, Alibi, Baronijke-L and Divident.L.


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