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Stunning PRE stallion with golden hearth is looking for a 5 star home! Chiquito is a gorgeous bay with golden glow and silver tail. He has a very kind and cuddly character which makes him the sweet hart of our stable.

We have educated him ourself under the saddle and he was so super easy and relaxed. He will not put a foot wrong and is very willing to learn and tries his heart out for you. He is gives you a super safe feeling and isn’t spooky and stands perfectly still while getting on. He shows 3 gates with quality with an outstanding canter! Chiquito measures 172 and has a beautiful confirmation!

Chiquito charms every person he meets with his happy and eager face when you greet him, and how much he loves being groomed or having his mane braided. He is currently only in a half set of shoes (front only) and working perfectly fine, and requires no maintenance. Tested negative on piro and comes with a clean set of X-rays.


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