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Meer informatie

This wonderful boy is for sale! Rêve d'Amour, born April 5, is a strong & correct foal by London (Carembar de Muze) and the Belgian mare DADAIS VAN HET KASTNJEHOF. https://www.horsetelex.com/.../dadais-van-het-kastanjehof
Dadais is by Thunder van de Zuuthoeve, and the elite mare KACHA VAN HET KASTNJEHOF , by Pachat II.
The mare line has produced several successful horses, very closely related to Dadais, such as GUYANA VAN HET KASTANJEHOF, JITSKE VAN HET KASTANJEHOF, HIGHBORN VAN HET KASTANJEHOF, GRACE VAN HET KASTANJEHOF, ESMEY VAN KASTANJEHOF.
The full sister to Dadais, BOO VAN THE KASTANJEHOF, was sold to the US, where she successfully competed at Grand Prix level for several years with Andrew Welles https://www.worldofshowjumping.com/.../Welles-and-Boo -From... & https://youtu. be/C4zKtNGUcgg

Dadais herself won the Swedish Championship as a 5 year old and competed in the World Championship the same year in Belgium.
She is a winner up to 1.40 and before going further, I bought her as a junior horse due to her wonderful character and quality, also with the intention to keep her as a broodmare. The foal is born in The Netherlands and can be seen at Louise Nyberg LN Horses, where he will stay until weaned. Please contact the owner for further questions; ines.amoudruz@gmail.com, or Whatsapp +31651363442.


Vader London
Vader van vader Nabab de Reve
Moeder van vader Ta Belle van Sombeke
Moeder Dadais van het Kastanjehof
Vader van moeder Thunder van de Zuuthoeve
v.v.m. Argentinus
Moeder van moeder Kacha van het Kastanjehof
v.m.m. Pachat II