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An absolute steal with a brave mind, kind heart, and super cute face! Saddle broken only five months ago, Harmat can already confidently do all three gaits, canter poles, and small jumps under the saddles. Extremely straightforward to ride. Harmat has three beautiful and powerful gaits that make her suited for  dressage at a later age. Brave and smart for her age, Harmat does not fear new situations and learns new skills at an incredible speed. Most importantly, Harmat is human and animal friendly and loves attention - once you pet her once, she won't let you leave.

Easy to shoe and handle, walks bravely into the trailer, and has already been out hacking for a couple of times.

Suited for riders at all levels looking for a confident companion for recreational riding or for low-level dressage.

📍: Netherlands 🇳🇱
📞: WhatsApp at +31610124424


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