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Unfortunately I have to sell my TOP FEI pony Dreimalhoch S (we call him Don Juan), because of reaching the age of 17. Don is an 8 year old gelding ( 6-6-2013 ). He is a very sweet enthousiast pony who is sharp on the excercises, due to his energy and enthiousiasm he is not a beginners pony!! He's got three excellent gaits which his walk and canter are outstanding therefore he scores big on his simple changes. He has a very strong hindleg. He competed at several CDI's and scored above 67%. When he got the tests all settled we scored above 70%, but due to COVID-19 the competitions stopped so we could not show what we wanted anymore. He placed 6th on the Dutch championships 21-08-21Don doesn't like to do dressage 24/7 so he needs variations in the trainings. We jump, go to the woods or just have some fun playing. It is very important he can still do these things when he moves. He will go through fire for you if you keep the training challenging. You need to ride him with a soft hand. We are looking for the perfect 5 * home for him, he is in the higher price range. For making an appointment to meet him or for questions, please send a message to Rowi Pille +31 0615000153. Watch the video till the end. ;) For more videos/photo's go to Instagram: @rowi.pille


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