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Brummerhoeve’s Levi H is a former champion stud and gelded for the sport in 2018. Trained as showjumper and dressage pony, the main focus of our daughter the past years was in eventing. Within one year the combination was selected into the Dutch national B pony eventing squad the next and following year (2019 and 2020). Meanwhile the pony is classified ZZ jumping (120 cm), Z-dressage and FEI International Eventing. Although not the main focus, Levi has been further trained and developed as showjumping pony as well. While being extremely versatile, showjumping is his true forte. A formidable showjumper with strong dressage training, therefore easy to ride and control in the course by an experienced/advanced rider. Very cautious. 120cm with clear upside potential. Extremely fit. Our daughter moved on to horses due to age (16). We would like to see Levi with a young and ambitious showjumping rider to continue his impressive sports career as in this discipline he truly excels. Very well kept, trained and schooled. Pony was never injured. Full xrays available (end 2017). Rare quality and find. POA - higher price category. Pony located in Biddinghuizen, The Netherlands. Videos available on request.

Some results:
· Dutch Champion Eventing class M 2018
· 1st Eventing Waregem Belgium class Z 2018
· 2nd Eventing Diepenheim class Z 2018
· 1st Eventing Barchem class Z 2018
· 9th FEI 1* Eventing Casorate Sempione 2019
· Team bronze Nations Cup Eventing Marbach FEI 2* 2019
· 1st Evening Genk Belgium Z 2019
·  1st Eventing Vrouwenpolder class M 2019
·  2nd National Championship Eventing class Z 2019
·  5th FEI 1* Varsseveld 2019
· 120 cm ShowJumping 2020.


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